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According to Wikipedia, Saint Valentine (Valentinus – Latin) was a priest of Rome. While he was under house arrest of Judge Asterius, he discussed his faith with him and the validity of Jesus. The judge had an adopted blind daughter and put Valentinus to the test. If he succeeded in restoring the sight of his daughter, Asterius would do whatever he asked. Valentinus laid His hands on her eyes and her vision was restored.

The humbled judge asked Valentinus what he should do. He was told to break all of the idols in his house, fast 3 days, and then be baptized. The judge obeyed and as a result, freed all the Christian inmates under his authority. He and his whole household (servants and all) were baptized.

Valentine was martyred under Claudias II on February 14, 273 A.D. in Rome. The 14th of February is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This reminds me of the story of Cornelius. You can read about this in the book of Acts, chapter 10. Cornelius was a soldier in the Italian regiment whose family was devout and God-fearing, giving to the poor and praying regularly. One day as Cornelius was praying, he saw a vision of an angel of God who told him that his prayers and gifts to the poor had come as a memorial offering before God. He was told to send to Joppa for Simon, called Peter.

At the same time, God was preparing Peter to understand that Gentiles could also be made clean before God. Peter willingly went to Cornelius’ house and told his household about Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came upon everyone in the house and they became Believers, freed from the bondage of Satan. They too, were baptized.

What should we do as Believers? Confess, Repent, and be baptized! What better time than now to willingly show our love for what God has done for us?

-Love in Christ Jesus, Pastor Pam

(Reference Wikipedia. (2017). Valentine’s day. Retrieved from's_Day.)

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