In The Community

Being founded on reaching out to others in love, we understand how crucial it is to reach those in our community who do not know Jesus and who need our love and support. At Life Changing Ministries (LCM), active local outreach ministry is at the core of our vision to reach the lost and grow the foundation of the saved. We partner with local non-profits, churches, and ministries in order to make an effective difference in our community by active involvement in jail and prison ministry, working with the homeless in the streets and shelters, transitional housing, and social disparities

We not only strive to share God’s Word and generosity in our local community, but to communities around the world with our international ministries that include nine Kenyan Life Changing Ministries International (LCMI) churches, an LCMI church in Myanmar, The Widows Home in Bumala, and Upendo Children’s Home (our licensed orphanage) in Bumala.

Our Outreach Activities:

- Lead worship services with the homeless at Gospel Mission Downtown throughout the year where we meet and greet, worship in song and prayer and give people the chance for prayer.

- Volunteer ministry in the local jail and prison ministries providing hour-long service for men and women inmates on the 1st Sunday of every month.

- Volunteer weekly Bible study at KPEP probation enhancement program.

- The puppet ministry team develops and performs skits, plays, and shows about the gospel for children in parks and t the Gospel Mission Downtown. The Puppet Ministry is a good opportunity for our youth members to get involved in outreach. It requires lots of creativity, commitment, and practice.

- Contribute to the community by supporting the Tree of Life School and taking up collections for men’s Christian transitional housing in Kalamazoo.

- Yard Sales; Our church members donate items in good condition and sell them at our yard sales throughout the year to raise funds for our licensed orphanage and home for widows in Bumala, Kenya.

Join Us

Helping others is a good way to serve the faith and stay connected to the church. If you're looking for ways in which you can make a difference in the community or around the world, we have many opportunities available for you to support and serve. Please contact Pastors Tom and Pam for more information.

-Support the Widow's Home and Upendo Children’s Home by sponsorship through the LCMI website at,

-Join our Outreach Team

-There are many service positions currently available such as janitorial, prayer team, sound/stage operation, the Puppet Ministries, Bible teaching, office, social media and website development, and many more.

-Church Cleaning Day is conducted by church members at 9 AM on the 1st Sunday of every month. A little time and effort go a long way in keeping the church up and running.

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