Our Almighty LORD Provides!

We just moved into a new Building that God provided for us. We now have 7000 sq. ft. and are able to accomplish and/or provide so much more with this added space. We are debt free because God provided every single penny to purchase the building, remodel and furnish it! Praise the LORD! Save

An Outstretched Hand of Compassion from Life Changing Ministries

LIFE CHANGING MINISTRIES reaches out to help others in their community in partnership with Beyond the Barriers ministry which is active in ministering to the incarcerated with Bible studies at Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program facilities in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Beyond the Barriers regularly facilitates worship services at the Kalamazoo County Jail, builds relationships with inmates and has implemented a one-on-one mentoring service for after incarceration care providing help in finding housing, jobs and other needs that newly released people often deal with. This ministry also provides expanded referral and mentoring services to the homeless, mentally impaired, physically challenged, r

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A Church, a Ministry, a Family...

...a Place to Call Home

Life Changing Ministries Kalamazoo