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"Ministry Opportunities"

Hello LCM family,

Are you ready for what God has for you personally in 2017?

Whatever it is, if we have it in our heart to be faithful and responsible, He will do great things in our lives, both Spiritual and physical. All He asks is for us to take a servants attitude and desire.

God has done such a pouring out of His Spirit in the people of our church individually and collectively. We have seen miracles of healing, deliverance, financial help, marriages healed, relationships built, love for each other abounding, revival releasing praise in us, 25-35 people a week to come to church who had no way to get there on their own, and finding Mikey half-way across the United States and bringing him home.

I could go on and on to the point I cannot even remember all the blessings and miracles God has done for us in 2016. And for me that is a shame, because each one is a profound event given by the Holy Spirit.

We can look forward to more Spiritual growth for our family in 2017. More life in abundance for many of us, and broken relationships mended by the power of God. God has for us great opportunities for service in this church. As you read the list of ministries God is working in, ask God if He would like you to become a part of any of them.

God’s grace displayed through being able to minister in these ways:

*Worship services, (Bible reading, prayer, ushering, setting up the church for services, preparing Communion, sound or video, worship team)

*Juvenile Justice Ministry services or Bible Study Facilitator

*Jail/KPEP Bible Studies, becoming a mentor, worship services

*Iron Men Group, men’s Bible Study with benefits

*Joyful Hearts, a fellowship ministry for women

*www.Christ Women’s Bible Study

*Gospel Mission worship services

*Compassionate Ministries

*Fire Within Teen Ministry

*Children’s church and ministries

*Grounds Keeper

*Van Ministry

*Outreach Ministries (Colonial Acres, awareness services, special meals special events, Christmas Parade)

*Office Helper

*Greeters/Ushers Ministry

God has given us all gifts to use in the church. We will only become a complete Body of Christ when you join in and use the gifts He has given you. Please talk to Pastor Tom if you have identified an area you would like to be involved in.

God bless you as you live in anticipation of what God is going to do in 2017!.

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