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The Glory of God's Majesty!

I love the fall time of year, it reminds me more than anything about the seasons of life and how our Creator God is so sovereign over His Creation. I see the magnificence of the trees in full color; there is no artist in this world that can create such beauty.

How about the flowers, how they sprout in the spring, grow and bud, and somehow the buds turn into the Glory of God’s majesty. Then in the fall they seed before they die so the seasons continue to go on and on.

Man’s life mimics those flowers, God walks with us all the way through our life, and when our season changes and the end is near, we see life in a different perspective. Family and friends become the most important, no matter how great our relationships were.

Take some time alone and take a walk in God’s splendor this fall, see if you don’t see God’s face everywhere in His Creation.

God Bless you one and all! Pastor Tom

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