We are orphans in Kenya

Will You help feed us?

...we are part of a local Portage, Michigan Church called Life Changing Ministries. There are twenty LCM International churches in Kenya where we 364 orphans stay in the church or in the church people's homes. The government doesn't provide for orphans here and there are a total of 3 million of us. The drought has made food very expensive and we have no parents to care for us. Would you please help us?

For more information on the
LCM International Ministry for Orphans
please contact us at
260-365-4361 or Email:
If you would like to sponsor a specific child from over 350 LCM International orphans and receive updates please contact Pastor Tom Gregg at 269-365-4361
Meet just a few of the LCM orphaned children waiting for your help...
Isaac Oduor-age 14
Isaac Oduor- age 14
Emmacualte Owjwang-age 8
Isaac Odhiambo-age 10
Eugene Nyongesa-age 12
Stephen Okwach-age 8
Essabel Adhiambo-age 11
Denisha Anyango- age13
Angela Chibalonza- age 4
Rihanna Akinyi- age 11
Wylkister Atieno-age 6
Veron Val- age 9
Rawlince Okoth- age 10
Joy Sash- age 8
Lynn Joy Aching- age 6
Florence Maria -age 6
Meshak Omondi- age 11
Kate Otieno- age 12
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Thank you for your prayers & support!

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Life Changing Ministries Kalamazoo
Isaac Odhiambo-age 10