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Beyond the Barriers


considers anything that holds you back and prevents you from being the best you can be, to be a “barrier” in life. We want to help by providing support and experience from those who have been there before and can relate
to what you are going through.


Everyone faces barriers from time to time in life; and while barriers can be different for every person, none is so unique that someone before us hasn’t faced the same mountain that seemed too high to climb alone.


If you have reached a barrier that seems too difficult to get beyond by yourself, we are here to help give a “hand up” with mentoring, support groups, life building classes, resources and referrals. Check out these links for more information about Beyond the Barriers. 



Our goal is to help people live victoriously beyond physical, emotional and spiritual barriers by sharing our loving guidance, experience and hope.

Not just

live and let live,

but live and HELP live

Life Changing Ministries Beyond the Barriers
Life Changing Ministries people
Life Changing Ministries people


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